Saturday, August 25, 2012



I am continuing to share my experience with bug tracking systems started here. The second BT in my list — BugZilla. This is a free and open source product written in Perl. it's a very popular system used by big guys (Mozilla, Gnome, Apache, etc.)
And I am not really sure why. First of all this is the most slowest web script (not only considering bugtracking systems) I have ever seen. You create a bug record and wait.. You filter results and wait.. you clickanythingthere and wait. This really disappoints because overall the product is decent, default UI theme is clean but I would not like this system if not the DeskZilla tool.

DeskZilla UI

The tool changes everything, first of all you can hide it to system tray, you can paste screenshots, create your custom filters. It's just awesome... We used it for almost a year but at the end the slow speed of BugZilla made me to look for a different solution.

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